PVC Tube only
(1) PVC Tube for gradening and general water discharge services.
I.D. from 6mm" to 50mm" W.P. 3 Bar
Colour. Trasparent yellow- green - blue

PVC Water hose
(2) PVC Tube for gradening and general water discharge services braided
I.D. from1 6mm to 50mmW.P. 7 Bar
Colour. green /Trasparent

PVC Preumatic hose
(3) PVC Tube for air & pneumatic and general water services braided
I.D. from 4.5mm to 50mmW.P. 14Bar

PVC Welding Hose
(4) PVC Tube for welding i.e. to convey oxegen and acetylene.
I.D. from 4.5mm "to12 .5mmW.P. / 14 Bar

PVC Rockdrill
(5) PVC Tube for medium duty services for air drills in mines queries etc

I.D. from 1/2 "to2"W.P. 14 Bar

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